Bespoke shepherd's huts

Modern twist on a traditional shepherds hut
Create a beautiful space with a handcrafted shepherd's hut that incorporates thoughtful design using the finest quality sustainable materials; an extra bedroom, home office, garden room. Built to be off-grid or mains connected, the uses for a shepherd's hut are endless.

Huts come in the choice of three finishes; painted, wooden or tin.

As with all our huts, our wheels are cast in Dorset and are based on a traditional design with a choice 2 sizes.

Painted shepherd's huts

Bespoke shepherds hut with oak frame
Our painted shepherd's huts are clad in the same high quality wood as our timber huts and then finished in a colour of your choice.

We paint the cladding on both sides before it goes on to the hut – so any shrinkage will not expose unpainted timber and doesn't curve as the weather changes.
Shepherds hut - home garden office
We use an exterior eggshell paint, with doors and windows painted or unpainted to create a contrast.

Tin shepherd's huts

Tin shepherds hut
Our tin clad hut is probably the most evocative of the traditional shepherd's hut design.

Corrugated metal shepherd's huts come in variety of colours. Your joinery can be painted in the same colour, a contrasting colour or left natural.

They all look equally beautiful, it simply comes down to preference and anything is possible.
Shepherds huts metal
They all look equally beautiful, it simply comes down to the finish you prefer. If you’d like a wood finish, have a look at our timber and painted huts.

As with all our huts, our wheels are cast in Devon and are based on a traditional design in a choice of 2 sizes.

Timber shepherd's huts

Timber Shepherds Hut
Our timber shepherd's huts are clad with larch, oak or cedar. We clad them in a traditional way to allow for movement of the timbers during the seasons.

Some of the first shepherd's huts were timber clad, and as the timber ages to a soft grey or silver we think they look better every year. Windows and doors can be painted or left natural to match the exterior of the hut.
Shepherds Hut Wooden Interior


Shepherds hut wood burning stove
We offer a range of extras to make your shepherds hut homely. From log burners to fitted furniture. Ultimately anything is possible, budget dependent of course!
  • A wood burning stove with black flue
  • A wood burning stove with insulated flue
  • Beds and bunks
  • Cabin bed in pippy oak with cupboards
Shepherds Hut Roof
The better the insulation, the more months of the year your hut will be useable. Our huts are fully insulated, walls, floor and roof, which is the place where it is needed most.


Whatever your vision for a shepherd's hut, and regardless of how far through the planning process you are, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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